Incessantly striving to take care of the well being of our employees, IT KeySource, Inc have put into place a comprehensive and competitive “Benefits structure” that is at par with the Industry standards and is constantly evolving.

Our benefits package offers you and your family with extensive protection and security for providing a sense of peace when you work with us. Besides, we also have qualitative and life-enhancing programs including medical, dental, prescription drug as well as life and other benefit programs for the overall well being of our employees. The time-off programs at IT KeySource, Inc are also very generous when compared to other corporate. The work/life programs implemented by us can assist you with other aspects of your family life as well, thereby providing heightened satisfaction level at both personal and professional front.

Some of the components of the Benefits package available to the employees of IT KeySource are:


All salaried recruits at IT KeySource, Inc are eligible to accrue vacation at an equivalent of two weeks in the first year of their tenure. The accrued vacation goes up to fifteen days after three years of service with our company. Employees who successfully complete seven years of service with us enjoy the privilege of twenty days of accrued vacations per year.


Salaried employees at IT KeySource are eligible for ten holidays per year, for which they will also be duly compensated. We also recognize six standard holidays and four floating holidays.

Sick Time

Salaried recruits of our company are compensated for five sick days per calendar year. The sick day’s compensatory leaves are awarded from the beginning a new calendar year. In case any employee begins during the course of the calendar year, then the sick days will be allocated on a prorated basis.

Paid Time Off for Hourly Employees

Employees who work with IT KeySource on hourly basis are allowed to bank any overtime hours, i.e. up to 160 hours for future use, earned in the bi-monthly pay periods.

401(k) Plan

We put in twenty cents on every dollar contributed by our employees to the 401(k) plan up to the first six percent of their gross salary.


IT KeySource,Inc offers its employees comprehensive Health Plan offered by one of the USA’s premier insurance companies. Employees’ contributions toward the premium are paid pre-tax to save tax dollars or paid by IT KeySource,Inc in full. We offer a Medical, Dental & Vision option to employees through the largest plan in the US.

Flexible Spending Accounts

With an aim to provide utmost benefit to our employees at all levels we also pay the administrative costs associated with the Flexible Spending Accounts. This means that our employees can save pre-tax dollars to pay for Dental, Vision, preventive medical and over the counter medications, dependent daycare costs and parking / transportation expenses. By saving the pretax dollars from every pay period, the employees can reduce the taxable income as well.

Life Insurance

Understanding how critical every life is, we pay for a term insurance policy for all our recruits. Besides, IT KeySource also have provision for Additional Term life providing extra coverage amounts for employees, spouse and dependents.

With all these benefits and employee friendly policies, IT KeySource is committed to becoming the best work place in the world in the coming times and therefore all our plans are constantly evolving to meet the changing requirements of our employees.