Staff Augment is an outsourcing method which enables completion of projects in stipulated time and it ensures efficiency in a work group. It helps to elevate the existing resources and launch the outsourcing services as well. Three major factors are involved in Staff augmentation, Evaluation of Staff is important because the organization should examine whether any special skill is required so that it can seek outside expertise. Secondly, the organization should evaluate its present needs. If a project comes with a tight dead line or the organization face any operational snag, then it must think over Staff augmentation. Finally, evaluation of budget is also necessary. A proper budget evaluation is needed to handle the increase in the number of employees. The organization should be able to cope with expenditure owing to Staff Augmentation.


  • To get a team of experts under one roof for the completion on projects
  • To help to develop the overall performance
  • To handle Staff retention problems
  • To introduce new ideas and technologies from outside
  • To complete projects on time
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